We are Madison Trading House

Madison Trading House (MTH) is a fintech (financial technology) company that assists its clients’ trading decisions by utilizing MTH’s machine learning trading software. With our access to stocks, options, futures, and crypto data, traders and investors can enhance their profitability.

Madison Trading House came into conception as traders expressed to us their need for trading guidance and technology in the financial markets. It became apparent to us that there was a lack of timely, reliable and actionable trading information available to the average trader and investor. Thus we created an opportunity for traders and investors to gain access to advanced trading tools and professional guidance, all in one place.

The MTH software was developed to make advanced trading tools accessible to everyone. Our unique technologies generate timely, reliable, and actionable trading insights and provides in-depth analytics to users. MTH’s advanced trading tools enable our clients to save time while enabling them to gain exposure to attractive investment opportunities in the global financial markets.

To ensure maximum success, we also offer comprehensive training programs and online chat rooms to assist our clients in learning to utilize our software and offer one-on-one coaching to assist traders in becoming more effective in achieving their trading goals.

I would highly recommend working with Madison Trading House. I have worked with Mike for the last few months and with each one on one session I have become better with trading. I can now closely examine charts to set up successful trades. Not only has he supplied me with the knowledge of trading, but the importance of patience. He takes the time to explain and breakdown the market. In addition, the custom scanners he provided have helped a ton with trading options.

╾ Femi S.

Thank you again for being such a great instructor and helping me build a more comprehensive perspective on trading in particular and life in general.

╾ Sapna R., MD

The best advice I can give from my experience with Madison Trading is that It’s not about reinventing how to trade, but knowing what works, why it works, and executing accordingly. The proprietary tools are powerful, but more valuable is the unlimited one-on-one time during training, and access to advice and answers to trading questions. I am a better investor thanks to Madison Trading.

╾ Yves T.